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Robb Montgomery has been leading teams and building cultures in the corporate world for forty years. By using sound, proven principles, he has transformed low-performing and caustic cultures into high-performing teams. Robb holds a BA in Business Administration and Religion and an MBA degree. He has experience in both for profit and nonprofit organizations.

He is currently the executive director of Loving Culture Ministries, Robb now helps churches build loving, collaborative cultures. Loving Culture helps churches become more effective in their ministry, discipleship, and evangelism by deploying New Testament blueprints to the church and ritualizing them. Robb teaches the importance of effective, positive communication and is working to counter the “me first” environment so prevalent in society today. He has been called to full-time missionary work to build collaborative cultures within the church, making it a place where everyone wants to smile. Robb is serving on the Evangelism Committee for the Western PA United Methodist Annual Conference.

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